Upneeq (oxymetazoline) is an FDA-approved, prescription eye drop that temporarily improves droopy eyelids (aka ptosis) caused by a weak muscle in the upper eyelid.

Low-lying eyelids can be a cosmetic concern—they can make you look tired or sad-or a functional issue that restricts your vision.

Upneeq contracts one of the eyelid muscles that elevates the eyelid allowing the eyelid to open 1–2  millimeters (mm) wider—enough to create a noticeable difference..Dubbed “the drop and lift” the medication is used once a day. Results are typically seen within 15 minutes and last 6–8 hours.

Upneeq provides an alternative to neurotoxins like Botox, or ptosis surgery, previously the only options for raising droopy eyelids.