At the Center for Dermatology, we are aware that people’s choices regarding the care and treatments they receive are influenced by cost. To give our patients more flexibility in receiving the care they desire, we recently partnered with PatientFi.

A few financing options in the past involved taking on more debt to pay for a patient’s aesthetic wishes. There are always options, including personal credit cards, equity lines, personal loans, and even retirement accounts. However, these have significant disadvantages.

PatientFi is unique in that it offers higher approval rates using methods other than credit scores. They accomplish this by tailoring the finance offer to the patient’s specific financial situation. You can be sure that this is a great financing option because there is no effect on your credit score and no risk in having your offer accepted.

Also quick is PatientFi. You can apply online in just a minute, and if it’s approved right away, you can begin receiving treatment right away. Additionally, they provide 0% financing for 24 months, allowing you to pay for your treatments in full without accruing interest. To start, simply click the Get Started button below.