Cosmetic Mole Removal

Most of us have a few moles, technically called nevi. The term “mole” is actually used to describe a variety of skin markings that may occur on any part of the body. Moles are composed of bundles of melanocytes, those cells which produce pigment. They may look like light-colored freckles that become darker in the summer months or may appear as singular round spots on the skin. Coloring within moles varies from person to person, with some appearing light tan, and others being brown, red, or black.

Usually, moles are perfectly harmless, however, there are times when they are cosmetically undesirable or are in locations where they become irritated. In these instances, they can be very easily removed by a simple office procedure. Our team is extensively trained to recognize suspicious lesions. Before cosmetic mole removal, your physician will perform a thorough skin evaluation. We are happy to explain to you the characteristics of moles that warrant further analysis.

For moles that are slightly raised and very superficial, the shave excision technique is generally used for removal. We begin treatment by anesthetizing the mole. Using a very fine instrument, we then precisely “shave off” the mole with a transverse incision. Depending on the size and location of the mole, the skin typically heals with an almost imperceptible scar.

Deeper moles are usually removed by making a perpendicular excision around the mole and then suturing the resultant defect. This assures that 100 percent of the mole is removed, and there is no chance for recurrence.

Mole Prevention

Many of the moles that develop on our skin are predetermined before birth. As such, there is no way to avoid such marks on the skin. Our genes are not the only determining factor in the number of moles we may see. Moles not related to genetic predisposition tend to be the result of sun exposure. Therefore, some moles may be prevented through adequate sun protection used throughout the year, not only in the summer months.

Your dermatologist can help you feel good about the appearance of your skin. Center For Dermatology Cosmetic And Laser Surgery is happy to answer your questions about moles and provide a professional evaluation and removal of such growths.