Pigment Spot Reduction

Spots of hyperpigmentation may be caused by sun exposure, Addison’s disease, pregnancy, age, heredity, and other factors that increase the production of melanin.

We tend to call most brown spots “age spots” due to the fact that areas of hyperpigmentation become more evident as we grow older. In fact, most of the spots that develop are seen on areas of the skin that are regularly exposed to the sun.

The team at Center For Dermatology Cosmetic And Laser Surgery offers the safe, effective treatment of pigment spots using proven laser therapy. In each session, a focused beam of light is applied to areas of pigmentation, effectively destroying the abnormal melanocytes in the skin. With several sessions of laser therapy, the melanin is gradually diminished until spots disappear, revealing healthy, beautiful skin.

We use the candela Vbeam, Lutronic and the Sciton BBL. Please visit http://syneron-candela.com/int/product/vbeam and http://www.sciton.com/products/bbl
(and https://us.aesthetic.lutronic.com/us/products/clarity/before-and-afters/ and https://us.aesthetic.lutronic.com/us/products/lasemd/before-and-afters/) for more information and photos.