Patients with sparse eyelashes are now able to grow thicker, fuller, and longer lashes.

Latisse is the only medication that has been FDA approved for the treatment of thin lashes. Interestingly, this medication has been used in the past to treat conditions such as glaucoma, and it has a wonderful side effect: the growth of eyelashes.

This medication has been approved for the use of enhancing eyelashes, and it is applied to the eyelids every day using a special disposable, sterile applicator. Patients brush the solution onto their upper eyelashes at night. Within approximately eight weeks there is an improvement in the growth of their eyelashes.

When Latisse is no longer applied, the thickness of the eyelashes will return to their previous state, so regular use is necessary to maintain the results.

There are few side effects associated with treatment. These include allergic reactions, dryness, redness, and eye irritation, generally, this is mild. Patients should contact their physician if they notice severe itching and burning, vision problems, or increased sensitivity to light. A rare, but significant, side effect in blue-eyed individuals is the possibility of the color turning brown. If Latisse is stopped at the first sign of this, the color reverts to normal.

If you have been unhappy with sparse eyelashes and are ready to see the dramatic effects of Latisse, contact the Center for Dermatology Cosmetic and Laser Surgery in Fremont and Milpitas to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our professional aestheticians.