OTC eczema products with high prevalence of potentially allergenic ingredients

A study recently published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology JAAD found that 83% of 74 over-the-counter products with a label claiming to treat eczema contained at least one potential allergen, 66% contained more than two allergens, and only 12 (16%) eczema products had no allergens. The most prevalent potential allergens were fragrance and Compositae (sunflower family).

The average number of allergens per product was 2.4, with 25 products containing the National Eczema Association seal. There was a high prevalence of Compositae (38%). According to the study authors, the frequent inclusion of Compositae plants in eczema products may be contributing to a heightened rate of sensitization. The authors suggest that patients with treatment-refractory eczema may benefit from patch testing.