Free skin cancer screening sponsored by Washington Hospital

All the providers from the Center for Dermatology participated in a free skin cancer screening sponsored by Washington Hospital , Fremont, Ca,  and the American Academy of Dermatology, on May 11th in Union City Ca.

Dr. Chang, one of the Dermatologists from the Center, stated that  “This service is very valuable to the community, and helps to diagnose skin cancers at an early stage, potentially saving lives. In fact last year, at the same screening, we discovered a Melanoma in a patients, and he received quick and definitive therapy. This year, the daughter of the same patient came in for her own screening. We encourage all patients who feel that they may have skin lesions of concern to participate in these screenings, see their dermatologist , or primary care physician. The  Center has been participating in these free screenings for over 30 years.